Tooth Abscess

If you have a severely infected tooth, you may develop an abscess formed at the root. This appears as a pocket of pus and can be painful and extremely uncomfortable. To remove this abscess, our dentists may perform root canal therapy or other types of procedures here at Central Park Dental & Orthodontics to keep your teeth long lasting and functioning properly.

What are the symptoms and causes of a tooth abscess?

A tooth abscess can develop if bacteria has invaded your tooth, leaving you with an infection. Signs you may have an infection are:

  • Throbbing pain when consuming meals
  • Bad breath and more bitter taste
  • A fever and possible swollen neck glands
  • Redness around the gums
  • A swollen upper jaw
  • More sensitivity to the foods and drinks you love

The main causes for an abscess to develop is due to severe tooth decay, gum disease, a broken tooth, or an injury leaving you more prone to developing an infection.

If this sounds like what you are experiencing, please come see Dr. Jiyoung Jung and Dr. Solji Paek for relief. We provide a comfortable environment and make sure you get back to enjoying a healthy smile. Call or text us now at 817-466-1200 to schedule an appointment and learn more about abscess draining in Arlington, Texas.