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Prevent discomfort and maintain a radiant, healthy smile! Central Park Dental and Orthodontics provides dental fillings in Mansfield to treat cavities, minor cracks, and chips. Restore comfort, function, and confidence by contacting our dental office now at (817) 466-1200 or conveniently schedule your appointment online today!

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What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are tooth-colored restorations used to treat cavities and repair minor cracks, chips, or small holes in your teeth. These fillings provide a barrier of protection, stopping more decay from reaching the inner enamel layers of your tooth. They also ensure that your tooth is fully restored, allowing you to comfortably chew and enjoy the foods you love without any discomfort. Fillings are also very durable and could last between several years, dependent on the material used and after care.

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When Should I Get a Tooth Filling?

A dental filling is recommended for cavities that are relatively small or has minor decay. Some signs that you might need to get a dental filling include:

Sharp Pain or Toothache

If you are experiencing sharp pains or toothaches, it is possible that the cause is a cavity, or perhaps a different dental problem. In order to pinpoint the issue, you will need to make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Jung.

Tooth Sensitivity

If you are experiencing sensitivity to cold or hot beverages, this could be an indication of a cavity. Fillings can restore your comfort while addressing the decay.

Chipped or Minor Cracked Tooth

Chipped, especially cracked teeth, can be quite painful and are prone to cavities. Both are an urgent indication to get a dental filling or find an alternative solution. Do not be afraid to seek help, our dentist would love to help.

Old Filling

Dental fillings have tendency to weaken, deteriorate, or even break over time from years of wear and tear, requiring replacement. Our dentist can determine if a replacement is necessary during a routine dental cleaning or checkup.

Large Cavity

When it comes to treating large cavities, dental fillings might be the best option. Early detection and intervention with a filling can stop further decay from growing and becoming a bigger problem in the future.

What Can I Expect During my Filling Procedure?

Before your dental filling appointment, Dr. Jung will perform a comprehensive examination to assess the severity of the tooth’s decay. After the exam, we will explain the procedure and address any concerns or questions you may have. X-rays might be required depending on the circumstances.

During your dental filling procedure, our dentist, Dr. Jiyoung Jung, will begin by eliminating any decay or damaged tooth material from your tooth. Afterward, the area will be thoroughly cleaned and the filling material will be carefully placed in the cavity, ensuring it blends with the natural shape of your tooth. The filling material is then cured using a specialized light in order to harden it and seal your tooth.

Dental Fillings FAQ

What are the Benefits of Getting Dental Fillings?

We all now know that dental fillings can stop cavity progression from spreading and causing further damage to your tooth, however, fillings have more benefits, including:

Tooth Function Restoration

Fillings allow you to chew comfortably and pain-free

Visual Improvements

Dental fillings can be tooth-colored, so they blend seamlessly with your natural smile.

Strengthens The Tooth

Dental fillings can be tooth-colored, so they blend seamlessly with your natural smile.

How Long do Fillings Last?

Dental fillings are very durable and could last for several years with the help of proper care and routine cleanings. However, the lifespan of a filling does depend on a few factors like the type of material used, how well you take care of your oral health, and the foods you consume.

What Happens If I Don’t Get a Cavity Filled?

If a cavity is left untreated, it can get worse, leading to:

  • Increased pain and sensitivity: The decayed area can become larger and irritate the tooth nerve.
  • Infection: Bacteria can spread to the pulp of the tooth, causing an abscess.
  • Tooth loss: Severe decay can ultimately lead to tooth loss

How can I Prevent Cavities from Forming?

  • Brushing twice a day and flossing daily: This removes plaque and food particles that contribute to cavities.
  • Regular dental checkups and cleanings: Routine dental care allows your dentist in Mansfield to identify and address cavities early.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet: Limiting sugary drinks and foods can help prevent cavities.

Can I Eat or Drink Anything After Getting a Filling?

It is possible that you may experience some sensitivity after a dental filling procedure. We recommend to avoid hot, cold, sugary, or hard foods for the first 24 hours. After your appointment with Dr. Jung, she will give you detailed instructions for a successful and fast recovery.

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